About Arash Mall

About Arash Mall

Familiarization with “Arash mall” commercial,entertainment and cultural complex

"Arash Mall" commercial, entertainment and cultural complex with an area of 22,000 square meters of infrastructure; has 150 commercial and administrative units, numerous cultural and sport halls on six floors with up-to-date facilities and various shopping centers located in one of the best parts of Anzali Industrial Free Trade Zone; This project can be considered the most advanced project with commercial use in the free trade zone and the speed of progress of the construction of this multi-purpose complex in its implementation is unprecedented.

Up-to-date technology and the use of advanced engineering knowledge in Anbooh Sazan Arash Company, has made it possible to implement a complex process of constructing the foundation of the building with unparalleled speed and quality.

Another unique attraction considered in this complex is the construction of the largest cinema campus in the north of the country, which will have a super-professional cinema hall with a capacity of 800 people and three VIP halls.

The unique design of this complex, and the special care in the allocation and division of land uses in different classes, has led to considerable consideration in commercial valuation and the creation of spatial performance of spatial justice. This issue is also considered in terms of visual vision in the design of the premises and the general view of the commercial units has a special view from different points.

This complex, considering its current and future facilities, capacities and features, is one of the unique and unrepeatable opportunities for investment in the north of the country and the Anzali Free Zone.

Arash Mall 360 degree tour

With the help of Arash Mall virtual tour, you can visit Arash Mall facilities and services in full 3D with full details along with live and graphic environment without physical presence and through the Internet.

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Unique features of Arash Mall in terms of architecture, economy and infrastructure

  • Modern and up-to-date architecture consistent with spatial function and climatic features.
  • Paying attention to the issue of spatial justice in the distribution of population-absorbing uses among classes.
  • Various in and out of space accesses.
  • Special attention to strengthen the foundation of buildings in the coastal area.
  • Use of new manufacturing technologies.
  • Utilization of rich technology infrastructure to improve the performance of space architecture.
  • Paying attention to creating special commercial uses to attract the population in the complex, such as the cinema campus, shopping center, sports club, etc.
  • Pay attention to space invitations.
  • Pay special attention to the entry of natural light in indoor spaces.
  • Paying attention to the principles of green architecture in the design and construction of the complex.
  • Special attention to the design of small spaces and unique interior architecture of the complex based on international standards.
  • A unique opportunity for medium and long term investment.
  • High growth rate of investment value.
  • Located in the most strategic point of the northern bottleneck of the north-south corridor of the country.
  • Access to Eurasian markets.
  • Special facilities for partnering with foreign investors.
  • Establishment within the region and having a 100% tax exemption.
  • Special speed in licensing activities.
  • Settling in the population node of the north of the country.
  • Increasing business attractiveness by considering unique uses (Cinema Campus).
  • Special customs exemptions.
  • Adjacent to Caspian Port (the largest port in the north of the country).
  • Access to skilled and cheap labor.
  • Has special attractions to attract tourists inside and outside the province.
  • Adjacent (less than 20 minutes away) to the cities of Anzali, Rasht, Ziba Kenar, Astaneh Ashrafieh, Khomem and Lasht Nasha.
  • Special access to the largest airport in the north of the country (15 km to Sardar Jangal International Airport).
  • Access to Caspian Port (the main port in the north of the country).
  • Easy and fast access to the highways of the country (Tehran, Qazvin, Rasht, Qom and ...).
  • Special access to rail transport.
  • Existence of customs located in the area.
  • Special facilities for export and import of goods.
  • Quality infrastructure of internet and mobile lines in the area.
  • Unlimited possibilities to buy telecommunication lines, internet and ...
  • Adjacent to the main industrial town in the north of the country.
  • Unlimited parking space (open and covered).

The main parts of "Arash Mall" commercial, entertainment and cultural complex

Arash Mall Cinema Campus

Arash Mall Cinema Campus is the largest cinema campus in the north of the country, which is designed and is under construction according to international standards of cinema halls; This cinema campus has a main hall with a capacity of 800 people and three VIP sub-halls.

Commercial and administrative units

Arash Mall is one of the largest commercial centers in the north of the country with 131 commercial and administrative units. In locating other uses in this complex, it has been done in a way that spatial justice is observed and commercial spaces have a relatively equal level of value.

Coffee shops and light uses

One of the main functional spaces in this open environment is the complex of light commercial spaces. In defining the use of these spaces, utmost care has been taken so that they do not interfere with the main uses of commercial and office units.

Clubs and sports facilities

Other spaces considered in Arash commercial, entertainment and cultural complex belong to sports sub-spaces with international facilities and quality.

Recreational and tourism micro-spaces

The spatial nature of Arash Mall and its point of difference with other commercial complexes in the north of the country is special attention to space function and performance; Therefore, a variety of recreational and tourism spaces are considered in this complex.

Service and support spaces

"Arash Mall" commercial, entertainment and cultural complex, taking into account the possible and special needs of investors, entrepreneurs, business activists and clients, has paid special attention to creating support and service spaces for them; The aim of this complex is to design a human-centered model in such a way that all possible needs are met with a luxurious, special and memorable model.

Familiarization with loading land uses and services in different floors of "Arash Mall" commercial complex

Arash Mall commercial, entertainment and cultural complex in an area of 22,000 square meters, and in 6 floors, including; One basement, three commercial floors and two entertainment and cultural floors are designed and are being implemented with unparalleled construction quality using the latest construction technologies. And so far, despite the severe restrictions imposed on the national economy in recent years; Not only has it not encountered disruptions in executive processes, but it has experienced a better process than executive planning. In the following, for better acquaintance with the features of this complex, it is given separately for each category of uses and related features.


The basement of the "Arash Mall" commercial, recreational and cultural complex using the latest and most efficient technologies in the field of groundwater control in a way has been the highest quality and at the same time the fastest project in resolving issues related to this phenomenon in the commercial and industrial Anzali free trade zone.. In this floor, 82 public parking lots and 8 special parking lots for the disabled people have been installed and most of the key facilities of this complex have been loaded in this floor. On this floor, there are two entrances and exits to the complex and three standard protected pedestrian accesses from the parking lot to the complex floors. Observing the design standards and creating suitable access corridors for the rider are special features considered in the design of this floor.

Ground Floor

Ground floor consists of 24 duplex commercial units; At the same time, this floor has a beautiful and designed central courtyard, which is a coffee shop equipped with a beautiful view from different views. The central courtyard designed on this floor has a view of all the floors of the complex, which creates a beautiful, dynamic space in this complex which is conjoined with nature.Two pedestrian accesses of this complex are considered from outside in this floor, which have a difference in height from the ground level and connect the surrounding environment into the complex with stairs and pedestrian ramps. On the other hand, access to different floors is possible through open escalators, panoramic elevators, and support elevators and escalators. The panoramic elevator on this floor provides access to the top floor of the complex and offers a unique view to visitors.

First Floor

This floor has 35 commercial and office units that have various layouts and areas; The location of commercial and office units is such that while observing justice in access and landscape quality, it shows a special pattern. In this floor (like other upper floors) there is a special balcony that provides a special view of the public space of the complex in other floors. In this category, the variety of accesses provides different tools for clients. . The loading of spaces in this floor is such that special spatial openings expose all visitors to this floor with inviting micro-spaces, and the purpose of this approach in design is to create equal value for the ........ in the complex.

Second Floor

The special design look on the second floor of the complex has led to the creation of 36 unique commercial and office units, which with a special creativity, provide visitors with a special view of the whole complex and different floors; The quality of design in this floor is such that creating a luxurious space, with equal and balanced access is one of the main concerns of its designers, which is an important response to creating commercial and office spaces in different floors with relatively equal value. The wider view and the special views that the visitors face in this floor, along with the special design of the lobby of this floor, make the pleasure of a purchase easy and give them a unique memory.

Third Floor

In the third floor of the complex, like the second floor, 36 special commercial and administrative units are considered; The area of the units located in this floor is equal to the second floor and in practice this floor is the highest space that is dedicated to commercial and office uses. Access to this floor is also possible through escalators, panoramic elevators, and support elevators and stairs. The interior of the complex from the balcony of this floor is very beautiful and unique, and the creativity used in the design of the units provides a special view of the Caspian Sea, the free trade zone and the surrounding spaces.

Fourth Floor

The fourth floor of the complex has three private cinema (VIP) halls, seven special food court service units with shared dining space, a theater with international standards and two playgrounds with special features that have been designed and executed with the participation of professionals. This floor and the fifth floor have a special and creative combination in terms of design, which has led to the creation of the largest cinema campus in the north of the country, using architectural elegance, and the participation of the top brands in the field of international cinema equipment has been used.

Fifth Floor

On the fifth floor of the complex, next to a special and multi-purpose hall that has the ability to change the use for cinematic activities, concerts, conferences, etc .; Support spaces such as office complex, prayer hall, public service spaces and a special terrace (ROOF GARDEN) are provided. This floor with a unique design has a seamless combination of beautiful, functional and unique sub-spaces that have limited and exclusive access to each of the mentioned spaces. This floor is equipped with a glass roof that is designed to illuminate the central courtyard and the complex floors and does this in a completely natural way.

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